36: ...Edward George (Rube) Waddell

Dave and Isaac settle in around the earliest of the 1900's this week to talk about the great and strange "Rube" Waddell.

35: ...Kenneth Lee Lay (Part 2)

Hello, World!

We return to continue the ENRON saga. In part 2 of Ken Lay we talk about the California Energy Crisis of 2000 and 2001.

34: ...ENRON: Kenneth Lee Lay (Part 1)

Ken Lay, the son of a preacher, a political figure, and business man with a blind eye to mis-dealings. His life isn't contained to one episode! This two part edition of the show will cover the largest figure in the Enron story.

33: ...ENRON: Jeffrey Keith Skilling

In mid 2001 Enron, the company leading innovation and growing in just about every way was helmed by a few men. One of them, Jeff Skilling. The COO and President then eventual CEO and 24 year long sentenced criminal.