47: ...Halo: Combat Evolved

The Xbox had a good selection of games. One of those defined a generations of games.

46: ...Bob Arno

Las Vegas showman, criminologist, and lovable pickpocket Bob Arno is off to Naples, Italy. There he meets some new friends and tries his skills in the real world.

45: ...Sinkholes

See that little dip in your lawn? Imagine that under your bedroom. And collapsing to the point of swallowing you up and never being recovered. Good luck out there, the earth is eating us.

44: ...The First "Super Bowl"

On January 15th, 1967 the AFL and NFL went head to head for the first time in a national championship.

43: ...Carry Amelia Nation

Alcohol and Tobacco had no place in the heart of a God fearing American. Carry Nation understood this.