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Born on March 12, 1993 Dave, the oldest of four brothers became the media lover you hear today. Yes, escape was the name of the game for young Dave. Anything to transport him to another world. Except... What's this? DVD Bonus content? and in there lies the fascination with the creative process. The "how" we got to the "why". Creation is so ingrained in Dave that he feels he must do something with it. This site and shows are a labor of love to show that hard work and passion can create a project worth hearing. If you only improve for you. At least improve. 


May 1, 1995, Isaac was quietly born in a barn. Despite this early handicap, he took to the fast paced world of technology like tick to a deer. A basement dweller and silent gamer. Isaac taught himself to work on computers, because well, they do all things. This life style however doesn't lend itself to an abundance of friends. Dave became a good candidate at this point.